We Are Different 

from a normal relationship with importers. You have the right to expect results from us. 

 Your wines will not get lost in huge wholesale portfolios. Instead, they will be centre-pieces in our targeted sales approach to the right distributor.

Accessing South Korean market for the first time has always been difficult for unknown gems. 

Vino Solution is very proud to be working with stellar brands from all around the world. 

포트폴리오를 풍성하고 탄탄하게 해 줄 신규 브랜드 소싱 및 컨설팅, 까다로운 해외 배송, 통관 과정 및 해외 브랜드 담당자들과의 커뮤니케이션까지 모든 과정을 대행 업무 해드리며, 세일즈를 위한 셀링 포인트들을 확인해 국내에서 해당 브랜드들이 건강하게 자리 잡을 수 있도록 비노 솔루션이 함께 합니다. 

Meet Our Team

We have professional workforce in 3 different work sections - import, branding, and tasting.

소싱, 수입업무를 체계적으로 수행하는 전문진 라인업, 그리고 소싱한 와인 제품에 대해 양윤주 소믈리에가 어드바이저로서 함께 샘플 테이스팅 및 품평을 진행합니다. 

Jay Kim 


Founder & CEO

Import Manager / Director @ LB WINE, KS WINE, MUNDO VINO, GRAPE KOREA 

A+ Australian Wine Certificate - WSET 

Austrade Spanish Wine Awards - ICEX 

Jury Seoul Wine Competition 

Jury Viniasia Wine Competition 

Jury Wines of Portugal - Ambassador Certificate 

Sabrina Ryu


Branding & Sourcing Manager

Brand Manager - Keumyang Int’l

Brand Manager - Campari Korea 

Korean Liaison - Australian Embassy Australian Trade and Investment Commission

Project Manager - Disney Korea LLC 

YoonJu Yang


Master Sommelier 

Vino Solution Wine Advisor 

Korea Sommelier of the year 2016 Winner

Titled as 'The Youngest Female Sommelier Champion'

Outback Steakhouse FOH

WSET WSA Wine Academy Instructor 

CEO business Wine Seminar Instructor

 Courts of Master Sommelier Certificate


 #104, 432, Gimpohangang 3-ro, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea 

Business License No. 490-05-01906 Tel : +82 10-2979-3707